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LaunchSpot helps you
connect your startup ecosystem
and track their progress.

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    Easily onboard your clients

    You can create and customize intake applications (surveys) for new companies or programs

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    Organize your applications

    Easily review, approve or decline applications

    Automated creation of company and people profiles

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    Get people connected

    Connect them to eachother and to mentors

    Easily find the people in the network who can help

    All the things they need in a social platform

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    Distribute your events and resources

    Create all your events (workshops, get-togethers, etc) in one place

    One place for your clients to access resources

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    Book meetings easily

    Integrated with Google and Microsoft O365 to make finding availability easy

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    Track company progress

    All meetings with staff/mentors are automatically logged as an interaction

    Progress can be tracked per project as well

    Capture milestones, tags and other information easily

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    Surveys that save you time

    Send surveys to get updated revenue, investments, profile information and more
    Responses automatically update each company record

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    The reporting you need

    Portfolio reports for your program, government funding, investors and more

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Help your companies by connecting them to each other and mentors easily.
Help your organization get better tracking and reporting.

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